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PHP Function Reference 1.0

7 April 2008 · Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

It’s done, finished, out the door, in the can. Version one-point-oh of my PHP Function Reference (aka, PHPfr) widget is officially available for download. And, oh my dog, it’s about time.

Two years in the making, PHPfr has spent way more time not in development than in it. After many late nights in front of my MacBook over the last few weeks, I am relieved and excited that the time has finally come to share the finished product with the world.

I always find it a little thrilling when I release software. It’s like being an expectant father, the nervousness, the anticipation. Will everything turn out all right? Will others think it’s as beautiful as I do?

PHP Function Reference interface
Visit my widgets page for more information and to download. Visit the project home to report bugs and request features.

1.0 is up on VersionTracker now and I’m seeing a pretty good flow of downloads come through. It should get through Apple’s vetting process in the next day or so. Then the real fun begins!

The listing on has historically accounted for at least three quarters of my downloads, maybe more, though it’s hard to know for sure because Apple don’t provide stats on this kind of thing. This time I have sorted a way to track it, so I ought to be able to report back some pretty accurate numbers in a few weeks.

In any case, it’s done for now. There aren’t any major bugs that have been reported so far. I will release a minor point version when I get a couple of additional localizations back this week.

I want to, again, send out a big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release! PHPfr wouldn’t be what it is without you!