Random Diceware Passphrase Generator

Use this page to generate a random diceware passphrase.


Because strong passwords are not what most websites let us use, security experts recommend using the following:

  1. Long, randomly generated passwords everywhere you can, in conjunction with a password manager such as 1Password or iCloud Keychain
  2. A 6 (or more) word, randomly generated, diceware passphrase to secure the password manager

Choose a passphrase length (6 or greater recommended):

Passphrase will be erased in 15 seconds.


Passphrase: ?

Passphrase strength:

Entropy: ?
Time to crack: ?

Passphrase strength based on Silent Circle’s password strength algorithm. It’s a few years old, so the time to crack is very likely overestimated.
Random number generator uses window.crypto in browsers that support it and falls back to Math.random in other browsers.

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