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Kindle Fire: First Impressions

November 15, 2011, 8:20 pm

I work with a bunch of iPhone geeks. After all, what we do is build games for the world’s most profitable smartphone. When I got an HP TouchPad (at a fire sale price) a while ago, folks were curious, if a bit dismissive. To say my iDevice-loving coworkers had a different reaction to the arrival of my Kindle Fire would be an understatement. Everyone wanted to hold and play with it. And not give it back.

Mobile WebKit Optimizations & Tools

August 11, 2011, 8:11 pm

Last night I presented at the Mt View JavaScript Meetup (along with Glan). The following are my slide notes along with links to relevant resources. Get on the bus, ’cuz we’re goin’ to school!


December 21, 2010, 12:12 am

I started at Tapulous 5½ weeks ago. Last night we launched version 4 of the most downloaded app (not just game) ever on the iPhone App Store, Tap Tap Revenge. Almost instantly, it vaulted to #1. Yeah, you could say I’m pleased.