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The music of True Detective

25 February 2014 · Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Season 1 of HBO’s True Detective is—bar none—the best show on TV right now. One of the things that makes it so is the music, curated by the inestimable T Bone Burnett.

Below are iTunes links to all of the music from the series. Please mention in the comments if anything is incorrect or I’m missing anything. My primary source for these is this page on TuneFind

Update: Turns out HBO has a page of the music for each episode! They even link to iTunes to buy the tracks! (Well, they link to most of the tracks. Looks like Bob Dylan’s “Rocks and Gravel” isn’t on the iTunes Store.) I’ve linked each episode below to the HBO page for that episode. In case you don’t have Flash installed, I’ve also updated my lists so you can still get the tracks.

Episode 1: The Long Bright Dark

Episode 2: Seeing Things

Episode 3: The Locked Room

Episode 4: Who Goes There

Episode 5: The Secret Fate of All Life

Episode 6: Haunted Houses

Episode 7: After You’ve Gone

Episode 8: Form and Void

Not sure what gives, but as of 11:00 p.m. Sunday night, HBO has only posted 1 of the songs from tonight’s finale (and that was on their Twitter feed.) I’ll check back tomorrow to see if they’ve posted any more.

Update: 24 hours later and still no sign of a music list for episode 8 on I’m going to assume it’s not coming. Thanks for playing!