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It’s a beautiful morning!

1 January 2007 · Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Starting today, I am master of my destiny. Captain of my ship of fate. Today, I launch Newfangled Telegraph and throw my lot out upon the entrepreneurial seas. Starting today, for better or worse, I will ride the waves of fortune (hopefully!) and adventure (no doubt!) to distant shores not yet imagined.

This is truly a beautiful morning. I am going freelance again after spending the last nine years working for beltway bandits, technology start-ups, universities and non-profits.

Of course, I value all of the experiences that have led me to this point. Good and bad, they have made me who I am and given me a foundation of confidence for this next chapter of my working life.

More important than the technical skills I have learned, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people over the years. It is these experiences that have led me to a place of quiet professionalism and a desire to deliver on my promises with strident honesty and integrity. My work is a reflection on me. It is a visible display of who I am and the effect I want to have on the world.

I’m excited. I’m excited to be in a position where I can take the risk of starting a business. I’m excited by the prospect of reward directly proportional to my own determination and willingness to work. I’m excited to get started!

It’s January 1, 2007. The ground is covered in a blanket of snow nearly two feet deep, the result of the biggest winter storm in recent memory. The view from my office window is filled with pure white snow, and a hopefulness for the coming year. It’s a beautiful morning!