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So Many Widgets, So Little Time

8 January 2008 · Estimated reading time: 1 minutes

How’s this for a New Year’s Resolution? I resolve to simplify my life by not pretending I have time to maintain 10+ Dashboard Widgets. Anyone want to take them over?

I’ve been authoring Widgets for Apple’s Mac OS X since they debuted in mid-2005. I’ve developed quite a stable of widgets, some useful, some not-so-much.

They’ve brought me minor fame and even more minor fortune. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot through the process.

However, since the release of Leopard, I’ve noticed that several of them need minor updates to resolve display and functionality issues. I’d love to get in there and tweak them to make them all shiny and new again.

I don’t have time.

So, I thought maybe the internets could help. Anyone out there want to take over maintenance and development of 1 or more of my widgets? Drop me a line and we can work out the details.