Annapurna Sanctuary. Grand Canyon. Great Barrier Reef. Great Pyramids. Parthenon. Suez Canal. Yellow River. Saigon River. Snake River. Columbia River. Mt Baker. Mt Rainier. Mt St Helens. Mt Hood. Mt Shasta. Mt Rushmore. Steens Mountain. Arthur's Pass. Ruapehu. Blue Mountains. Atlas Mountains. Space Needle. CN Tower. Sky Tower. Shanghai Tower. Tower of London. Sydney Opera House. Big Ben. Golden Gate Bridge. Bran Castle. Olympic National Park. Glacier National Park. Everglades National Park. Shenandoah National Park. Yosemite. Muir Woods. Big Sur. Crater Lake. Yellowstone. White Sands. Ozette. Abel Tasman. Royal National Park. Lady Elliot Island. Lake Taupo. Lake Tahoe. Red Sea. Bering Sea. Pacific Ocean. Atlantic Ocean. Indian Ocean. Mediterranean Sea. Strait of Malacca. Arabian Sea. Red Sea. Bay of Bengal. The Rhine. Kenai Peninsula. Cape Reinga. Farewell Spit. New York. Washington DC. Los Angeles. San Francisco. Denver. London. York. Shanghai. Sydney. Brisbane. Cairns. Kerikeri. Auckland. Napier. Rotorua. Wellington. Christchurch. Kaikoura. Greymouth. Nelson. Whakapapa. Hobbiton. Seattle. Bellingham. Walla Walla. Winthrop. Portland. Salem. Ashland. Bend. Astoria. Philadelphia. Boston. Chicago. Detroit. St Louis. Tucson. Flagstaff. Anchorage. Memphis. Austin. Las Vegas. Albuquerque. Roswell. Santa Fe. Moab. Honolulu. Hana. Montreal. Toronto. Vancouver. Victoria. Kamloops. Mexico City. Salvador. Itacaré. Porto Seguro. Canavieiras. Olivença. Morro de São Paulo. Ilhéus. Cairo. Port Said. Athens. Piraeus. Limassol. Cadíz. Casablanca. Marrakesh. Munich. Köln. Brussels. Ghent. Bruges. Bucharest. Brasov. Saigon. Hong Kong. Shanghai. Kobe. Chennai. Pondicherry. Mumbai. Madikeri. Mangalore. Mysore. Goa. Pokhara. Kathmandu. Chomrong. Moscow. Zurich

We all, however, apprehend the land imperfectly, even when we go to the trouble to wander in it. Our perceptions are colored by preconception and desire…. A man in Anaktuvuk Pass, in response to a question about what he did when he visited a new place, said to me, “I listen.” That’s all. I listen, he meant, to what the land is saying. I walk around in it and strain my senses in appreciation of it for a long time before I, myself, ever speak a word. Entered in such a respectful manner, he believed, the land would open to him.
~Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams

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